mystery writing for everyone!


Mystery Writing

Today A boy with red hair stopped in front of me and asked for a favor. He said :" My name is Peter Anderson, I have a chance to trade my bike for a sword. I want to make sure the sword is real." "You don't think the sword is real?" I said "What do you think it is?" "That isn't what I mean," Peter said. "It's a sword from the civil war-" "There are thousands of swords left over from the Civil war," I said. "I know," said Peter. "But how many belonged to General Jackson?" "Stonewall Jackson?" I gasped. "The great Southern general?" "This sword is supposed to have belonged to Stonewall Jackson," said Peter. "Bugs Clinton says so." "Bugs?" I straightened up at the name. Bugs is the head of the boy's club: The Tigers. The boys were all tough but Bugs was the toughest. "You want me to make sure the sword really did belong to Stonewall Jackson?" I asked. "Yes." said Peter. "I'll do it," I said with confidence. "If Bugs is behind the trade, you'll need help." Peter led me to the Tiger's clubhouse, an unused tool shed behind Mr. Sweeny's Auto Body Shop. The Tigers were busy racing garter snakes. Bugs made a face when he saw me. "So Mr. Brains is now a Civil War know-it-all," said the Tiger's leader. "Well, well! Maybe you call tell me what Stonewall Jackson did at the the Battle of Bull Run." "Which battle?" I asked. "There were two-one in 1861, the other one in 1862." "Whatever, now don't say this sword is a fake." Bugs said, grinning. "If this sword is real," Peter whispered into my ear, "the sword is worth ten bikes like mine." "Twenty," I corrected him. "Read what it says on the blade," says bugs. I read: To Thomas J. Jackson, for standing like a stone wall at the First Battle of Bull Run on July 21, 1861. This sword is presented to him by his men on August 21, 1861."The sword certainly has seen a lot of use," I said. "Did you expect it to look new and shiny?" sneered Bugs. "It's more that a hundred years old." "It doesn't look like it ever was worth five dollars," I said. "Never mind how it looks," said Peter. "Do you think it belonged to General Jackson?" Before I could answer, Bugs spoke up. "I sure hate to part with the sword," he said. "But Peter wants it so much I just had to say I'd trade it for his bike." "Trade? You won't trade with peter," I said. "The sword never belonged to General Stonewall Jackson!"